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Strategic Situations - Simplified in 60 Seconds

Strategic Situations - Simplified in 60 Seconds

About You

As a Change Leader, You Know That

Technology is Vital to Success

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About Us

Think of Strategic Situations as Your Technology Leadership Toolkit

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Access our network of experts: analysts, consultants and contractors


Diagnostics programs to build a data-driven strategy


Methodologies covering all aspects of IT Management & Governance per Cobit 5


Project and process blueprints, with full sets of DIY tools & templates 

5 days

Facilitated workshops to complete deliverables, collapse timelines and make decisions


Use Our Diagnostics Engine to

Build Data-driven Strategy


What is a Diagnostic?

Our diagnostics are the simplest way to collect the data you need , turn it into actionable insights, and communicate with stakeholders across the organization. 


Ask the Right Questions

Use our low-effort surveys to get the data you need from stakeholders across the organization.


Use Our Diagnostic Engine

Our diagnostic engine does all the heavy lifting and analysis, turning your data into usable information.


Communicate and Take Action

Wow your executives with the incredible insights you've uncovered. Then, get to action: make IT better. 

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Get Results Fast with One of

Our Expert Facilitated Workshops 

Over the course of four days, our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. 

Sample from our 4-Day IT Strategy DIY Guide:

Day 1


Understand the Business Needs and Define the Scope of Your IT Strategy

  • Conduct a business context analysis

  • Identify implications: how IT is affected by the business context

  • Group implications into meaningful groups from the seven perspectives

  • Define the scope of your IT Strategy

Day 2


Envision Your IT Department of the Future

  • Create the IT vision, mission statements and guiding principles

  • Define IT's goals and rank by importance

  • Identify the target IT Service Maturity 

  • Review Management & Governance Diagnostic

  • Fully document the IT Capabilities each member of your team

Day 3

Assess Your Department’s Current State

  • Rate your capability level for each IT area

  • Compile a list of all your in-flight initiatives

  • Overlay initiatives and your team’s capabilities

  • Review and analyze your current IT budget

  • Review your team’s CIO Business Vision results

  • Tabulate your team’s current IT Maturity

Day 4

Bridge the Gaps with an IT Action Plan

  • Identify any Current-and Target-State gaps

  • Brainstorm initiatives to reach target-state

  • Shortlist initiatives to create Initiative Profiles

  • Identify and mitigate any risks

  • Justify any new budget line items

  • Build Executive Presentation


Use Our IT Management & Governance Framework to Improve Core IT Processes


IT Management &

Governance Framework

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Optimizing core IT processes is the single most important part of any IT leader's job.

  • Prioritize your key IT processes and build an improvement roadmap

  • Establish clear ownership of core IT processes

  • Empower your team with a training and development plan for process owners


 Resources, Services and Expertise,

Custom Tailored to Meet Your Needs

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Our Do-It-Yourself Toolkit is available as a subscription. You have the people to plan and deliver your projects, Our pre-built processes and templates will help them to be organized and efficient.

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Guided Implementation

Our Guided Implementation provides check-points throughout your project. Your team will deliver the project with the discipline and expertise of someone who's done it before.

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Facilitated Workshops

Our Facilitated Workshops are intense and focussed. Pre-defined activities that help your team create foundational deliverables, collapse project timelines and make major decisions.


Consulting Services

Our experts are available to work on any aspect of your project. We can help with whatever you need, from planning, budgeting and pitching to sourcing, staffing and execution.


To have us contact you, please fill in the following information:

Thank you. We will be in touch shortly.

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